Beware-Bogus Cialis!

Strangely enough, Cialis faces stiff competition not from Viagra or Levitra but from counterfeiters who sell bogus Cialis. A fourth entrant, a mighty Machiavellian one, has entered the Anti- Impotence market. So, Cialis is all set to don the mantle a la’ Super Cop to shoot the enemy down.

Beware! All those who are looking to buy Cialis online, they might end up buying instead Cyalus, Apcalis or Regalis. Counterfeiters had started brazenly to market bogus Cialis under these names or others just two months after the pill hit the U.S. market. Mass counterfeiting of popular prescription drugs is not only an economic threat to drug makers but can also endanger lives.

Cialis is popular with counterfeiters because it’s a high-priced drug that sells well over the Internet since men hesitate to talk about their sexual problems with their doctors. This has prompted the Eli Lilly and Co to fight back. They have formed a separate “product protection” team a year ago to investigate counterfeiting of its drugs worldwide. Counterfeiters tend to work in less- developed nations where drug enforcement is lax. Counterfeiters are a devious lot. They have found another way to market their bogus products as generic Cialis sold a third or less of what it costs. Mistype the word ‘Cialis ‘, you get a site that sells Cyalus or Regalis can be bought by credit card.

Lilly & ICOS are trying to beat the counterfeiters with anti-counterfeiting packaging. So more money will be channeled to fight back because a lot is at stake. People who want to buy the original Cialis online can read the information given  here: