Cialis Calendar

Prescription-drug advertising is banned in the European Union, forcing drug makers to come up with alternative ways to get people to ask their doctors about medications. Cialis scores over its rivals in the competitive Anti- impotence market, through innovative ways of product selling. Be it concert sponsorship or sports advertising, these are ways of jockeying for the number 1 position in the growing market to treat impotence.

Does Music Rock You?

Cialis helped you to connect with your partner via rock music! A heady combo. Were you there at Cialis Rock Concert at Monte Carlo, Monaco on Feb. 7, 2004. Cialis did ensure that you and your partner rocked on to some classy music by Deborah Harry and her band Blondie as well as opera tenor Jose Carreras. ICOS and Eli Lilly & Co. planned to use the punk rock to promote their Cialis impotence pill to convert users of Viagra and win new customers.

Macho Sports

PGA Tournaments

While Levitra ties up with NFL, Cialis uses Golf to woo fans. Cialis is an official partner of the PGA Tour. In a bid to win over thousands of Golf Fans, Cialis will be sponsoring a golf tournament on the Professional Golfers’ Association tour. The Cialis Western Open will be played in the Chicago area through 2006. In addition, Cialis is an official partner of both the PGA TOUR and Champions Tour through 2007.

ICOS and El Lilly see this a timely and unique opportunity to educate men in the United States about a significant health issue — erectile dysfunction — and the role of Cialis as the only oral ED treatment option shown to improve erectile function for up to 36 hours in most men. It is a smart marketing strategy to get men over 40 and their partners to Buy Cialis which is now available by prescription.

Super Bowl

Cialis does it differently! Flooding the airwaves during NFL Playoffs. Cialis commercials aired during Super Bowl matches on Sunday differ from those of rivals Viagra and Levitra. The Cialis ad comes out in open and states what condition the medication treats. Also, the Cialis spot touts what Lilly and ICOS tout as a major advantage over the two competing drugs: Cialis can last for up to 36 hours, compared with roughly four hours for Viagra and Levitra.