Cialis Lawsuits

From The Daily Herald:

The word Cialis is becoming well-known in Europe, where the erectile dysfunction drug with that name began selling several weeks ago.

That has members of the Cialis family around the world talking to lawyers and considering lawsuits against the drug’s makers, including Bothell-based ICOS Corp.

The name dispute may get even hotter when the rival to Viagra gains approval for use in the United States and Canada, which could happen later this year.

“When the drug is released in Canada, we’ll immediately go to court,” said Brian Cialis of Surrey, B.C.

He added that members of the family in France and Ireland may challenge the drug’s name on the basis of a European Union rule that an individual’s name can’t be used by a company without permission.

Meanwhile, Brian Cialis’ relatives in Britain held a family meeting two weeks ago to discuss their options against ICOS and its partner in the drug, Eli Lilly & Co.

“The family Cialis decided to take legal advice about its next step and to get formal legal letters drafted to send to Eli Lilly/ICOS,” Russell Cialis said in an e-mail message from his home in England.

The family’s objections resurfaced in the British media last month amid the erectile dysfunction drug’s launch there. The name fight even was mentioned jokingly during the Weekend Update segment on TV’s “Saturday Night Live” a few weeks ago.