Talk To your Partner

Save your relationship! Having erectile difficulties does not mean the end of intimacy for you and your partner, learn to deal with it because it affects both partners in a relationship.

Understanding how erectile dysfunction and your sense of loss can impact your relationships are essential steps in proactively selecting a treatment option that is right for you.

Read Talk to Your Partner . It may help you better to understand your partner’s emotions related to erectile difficulties. Get some tips on conversation starters as well as do’s and don’ts to acknowledge what may be happening in your relationship.

When a man has ED, his partner is almost always affected too. ED is a couple’s problem-one that can best be solved by both partners working together. Build your man’s confidence in himself, it will help with to deal with the problem when he knows that you understand him.

If your partner has ED, here are some ways you can help:

•  Discuss It: Good communication is the base on which a relationship endures. It’s important for couples to tackle any concerns they may have about ED by discussing their feelings and reassuring each other that they still care.

•  Reassure your partner that he is not alone: Remind him that millions of men have ED. Reassure him that ED is a treatable medical condition and does not mean he has a problem with his masculinity.

•  Understand the problem and the treatment options: The best treatment for ED is one that you both agree will fit comfortably and naturally into your lovemaking. Also, if your partner needs to change his lifestyle to treat ED, such as quitting smoking, try to support and encourage his efforts.

•  Offer to join him when he goes to meet his doctor’s: Some men prefer to deal with ED with no help from their partner. But generally, couples who work together have the best chance of successful treatment.