What’s in a name?

Drug makers want a name that will entice billions of dollars in sales. Customers want a hint of what it does. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t want implied medical claims. And if it sounds too much like another drug, a pharmacist might accidentally kill the customer. A drug is probably the hardest thing to name.

Branding matters a lot! Almost everyone associates Nike with sneakers instead of a goddess. So imagination was allowed a wild run while naming Cialis.

Cialis got its name after a lot of insightful thinking. The name Cialis was derived from a play on the phrase “the sky’s the limit”, via an abstracted form of ‘ciel’, the French word for sky, plus “system”. Further, it was stated, the term Cialis evoked “the feel of a new science”.

Indeed, a well thought out name, for a pill which lasts longer than other ED Drugs- an innovation compared to its rivals.

Cialis has been dubbed the ‘Le Weekender‘ or the weekend pill in Europe. The pill has been a major hit ever since it was launched in Europe, on February 5, 2003.The reason behind its renaming lies in its power to help get erections for 36-hours, hence no need to time your sex life hurriedly. Return to a normal sex life during the weekend.